Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NEW! Wet N' Wild MegaLast Nail Polish Review & Swatches

Wet N' Wild has recently released a 2012 collection which consists of everything from liquid liners, lip products, bronzers, and nail polish. The nail polishes stuck out the most to me, since the packaging was different than their usual polishes. I picked up 4 out of 9 of them: 
I Need A Refreshment: an aqua blue
Bite The Bullet: a mauve-y purple
On A Trip: a mid-tone purple
Sugar Coat: a light pink
The other shades consist of a red, hot pink, gray, dark purple, and a dusty pink.

 Packaging: Wet N' Wild has changed the packaging of their Megalast Nail Polishes this time around and I personally prefer them over the previous packaging, which was very cheap looking to me. They are now in a classy looking glass bottle which feel more durable and high-end. The only downfall to the packaging, is the applicator. It is HUGE. To me, the size of it is very intimidating and unnecessary. Yes, it does take less time to paint your nails with them since it covers almost your whole nail in one swipe, but it's wider than my pinky nail, which makes it hard not to get it on your skin while applying.

Consistency: I only own one of their old polishes, but from what I have seen in other reviews is that the formula has improved. It is very creamy and not streaky at all, not even with Sugar Coat (the light pink polish) which is surprising because I always have this problem with light colored polishes. 2 Coats is all you need!

Lasting Power: Wet N' Wild claims that these provide '5 days of long lasting, chip-resistant wear'. I haven't worn these for that long yet, but I wouldn't put them past them. I've worn them for up to two days before taking it off myself and it held up very well.

Price: For the amazing quality of these nail polishes, it's hard to believe that they are only $1.99! It's such a steal. That means you could own the entire collection of all 9 nail polishes for under $20!

 On A Trip (2 coats, with flash)

 Bite The Bullet (2 coats, with flash)

Sugar Coat (3 coats, with flash)

Applicators compared: (left to right) Essie, Wet N' Wild MegaLast, OPI

PROS: Packaging, Formula, Opaque Coverage, Very Affordable
CONS: Huge Applicator

I love these! I think Wet N' Wild did a great job revamping their nail polishes to be more attractive and provide great quality. If you're ever in your local Walgreens or CVS, I definitely recommend giving them a try. If you already picked some up, let me know what you think in the comments below!


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