Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dry Skin Moisturizing Essentials

I've always been an oily skin girl. I still am, but lately I've been more dry than usual! Not just on my face either, but all over! I have to admit, I expected to be an oil slick when the warm season came rolling in, but it totally went in the opposite direction this year. My dryer skin has got me in a moisture craving kick! I feel like I just need it 24/7 and I can't get enough.

Since I've never had dry skin before and could only touch on products with you guys that helped my oily skin, I'm gonna be sharing some products that I've been using to combat this sudden dryness that have really been helping my skin stay hydrated and feeling fresh!

I'd love if all you dry skin ladies (and gents) would let me know you're favorite moisturizing products! I'm definitely on the lookout for some new hydrating skin and body care products! & even though dryer skin is just as much of a pain in the butt as oily skin is, I'm excited to be opened up to a whole new array of products that never applied to me before. For starters, I can't wait to get my hands on an argan oil!


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Loreal Ideal Moisture 48 Hour Day Lotion for Sensitive Skin: This is one of the new moisturizers that Loreal has come out with recently and I have been loving it! It's perfect for daytime because it's not only a day lotion, but a sunscreen as well! It offers an SPF of 25. I put this on every morning after washing my face and prior to applying makeup to hydrate my skin and to protect me from the sun for the day. I'll apply some to my neck and chest to benefit those areas as well! The Loreal Ideal Moisture Day Lotion itself is super lightweight, easy to blend, and soaks right into the skin. It's also perfect for all skin types. When I started using this, I still had very oily skin and I loved it then as well!

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream: This has been my daytime eye cream for the last couple of months. I know I'll be running out to purchase this again once I run out because it is so light, but gives so much moisture to my eye area without leaving it greasy and interfering with any makeup I apply to my eyes afterwards. I might do a separate blog post on this in the future, because it has also deemed itself as a miracle product as it unintentionally got rid of a skin issue that I thought would be otherwise permanent! More on this on a later date..

Burts Bees Naturally Ageless Line Smoothing Eye Cream: Since I use my Garnier Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream in the daytime, this is my nighttime eye cream. It's thicker in consistency and does leave my eye area feeling more greasy, which I prefer for nighttime so that my eyes are nice and hydrated when I wake up. The smell of this is too nature-y for me, but it goes away after a couple minutes. Also, this product is more geared toward an older crowd, but it's never too early to start preventing and I actually do have some lines under and in the outer corners of my eyes, so it works out.

Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose Kiss: I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS! I know there's a lot of hype going around the beauty community about these Nivea lip butters, but trust me, there's a reason for that! I won't say much about this now, but I'll have a review on this little gem up sometime this week!

Rohto Cooling Eye Drops: Not only have my face and body been dry, so have my eyes! Although dry eyes has always been as issue for me and I've been using this genius product for a couple of months now, but I thought I'd mention it here because it really does help my dry eyes! If you've never tried Rohto Eye Drops before, they're known for they're "cooling" properties. They have four different kinds, the one I have which is the "cool", "ice", "hyrdo", and "arctic" and they all range in different levels of coolness. The blast of cool really helps to reduce the redness in your eyes and keep them moisturizing. It also helps my eyes refrain from strain and stay awake! They're amazing! 

Lubriderm Intense Repair Body Lotion: This stuff is legit. It leaves my body feeling insanely soft and it is crazy hydrating. My skin just absolutely drinks this stuff up. I've tried a lot of body lotions in the past and in my experience, they all just soak into the skin and after about an hour or so, your skin just feels like it normally would without lotion. Hours after applying the Lubriderm Intense Repair Lotion, my skin feels so soft and supple. Because it's so moisturizing, it will leave you a little "wet" feeling for awhile, but it's definitely not sticky or greasy feeling!

Aveeno Skin Relief Intense Moisture Hand Cream:  Having dry hands is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. It's so uncomfortable; I just can't stand it. I'm kind of picky when it comes to hand creams though, because I don't like them to be super thick, take too long to soak in, and have a strong smell/taste (I'm a nail-biter, ok?) This one fits the bill. The Aveeno hand cream absorbs super quick, it's lightweight, and fragrance free! It also has a more gel-like consistency rather than a lotion one, which I like.

Nivea Creme:  This stuff is really thick. I mean REALLY thick. Nivea has been around for a long time, even Marilyn Monroe used it in her beauty regimen! For me personally, I'm not too fond of this stuff besides in the way I use it, which is to moisturize my cuticles! It's brilliant for that purpose, especially being in this convenient little tin, similar to the Nivea Lip Butter packaging. I keep it in my makeup bag and I'll just tap some on to my cuticles when I'm out and about and I'm good to go.

I hope you all enjoy this post and don't forget to let me know some of your favorite moisturizing products in a comment below!
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