April 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wet N' Wild Mega Last Lipstick in #907C Mauve Outta Here

Lately Wet N' Wild has really been steppin' up their game! They've been revamping their old products as well as introducing new products. I've always been a fan of this brand, for being so affordable and having decent quality, so I'm always up for trying new things from them. I've heard nothing but good things about the Mega Last Lipsticks more than any other product, so I thought I'd give them a shot. One of the shades I got was "Mauve Outta Here".

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Let me just say, it was love at first sight with this lipstick. Not only is this shade simply amazing, but the pigmentation and lasting power is to die for!
I would describe "Mauve Outta Here" as a vibrant violet-toned magenta with a hint of mauve. It is also a matte finish, so it does dry out your lips after awhile. When I wear this, I pair it with a lipgloss. Any clear gloss would do, but I find that my Loreal Color Juice in Grape Soda is the perfect match for this lipstick. I also find that the Mega Last lipsticks I've tried are kind of chalky, but this one isn't at all!

The price is great, considering the quality is amazing. I got this for $2.99 at Walgreen's. Wet N' Wild should be sold at Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid as far as I know.

While the product itself has superb quality that doesn't match up to it's low price, the packaging does, unfortunately. The look of it is nice and sleek, but it feels very cheap and plastic-y. When I take the lid off, I feel like it will break and it also seems like the product isn't sturdy.

"Mauve Outta Here" is one out of 26 lipsticks in the MegaLast lipstick line. Other shades in the collection include:
Pink Suga, Think Pink, Bare It All, Just Peachy, Rose-Bud, Smokin' Hot Pink, Wine Room, Sugar Plum Fairy, Coral-ine, Red Velvet, Stoplight Red, In The Flesh, Sandstorm, Mochalicious, Spiked With Rum, Ravin' Raisin, Cinnamon Spice, Cherry Bomb, Vamp It Up, Cherry Picking, Don't Blink Pink, Dollhouse Pink, Pinkerbell, 24 Carrot Gold, and Purty Persimmon.

Comparison Swatches!
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Top: Loreal Color Juice in Grape Soda
Bottom (left to right): WNW Mauve Outta Here, MAC Girl About Town, NYX Addis Ababa

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Wet N' Wild Mauve Outta Here
(can you tell my bottom lip is fatter on one side? i hate that!)

I know I'll be relying on this lipstick when I want to wear something bold to wear. It's not as bold as some of my hot pink lipsticks are, but this lipstick will definitely bring about some stares. If you're into bright lips, definitely check this one out! I think it's a great spring/summer shade, especially for a night out!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How To: Spot Clean Your Makeup Brushes!

If you're anything like me, you absolutely DREAD when that time rolls around when you need to wash your makeup brushes. I'm so lazy when it comes to washing them that if someone offered to be my personal brush washer, I'd take the offer in a heartbeat! If only...

Something I do to hold off washing them for as long as I can, is spot cleaning. I learned this from Goss, from GossMakeupArtist on YouTube (he is pure genius!) awhile ago and I've been doing it since! It's so simple and barely takes any time at all! The best part is, you could even do this minutes before you use your brushes because it dries them within seconds. Here's how!

You will need:
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  • Isopropyl Alcohol (mine is the walgreen's brand, any brand will do)
  • A small jar or container.
  • Tissues or a small wash cloth (that you don't care if you get stains on).
  • And of course, your brushes.
For your container, don't run out and buy one! Just use what you have. I'm using an empty Bath and Body Works Body Butter container (the medium sized one).

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Step 1: Pour some of your alcohol into your container. You only want to pour a small amount. The alcohol should not go past the top of the bristles on your brush.

Step 2: Hold your brush in the alcohol for a couple seconds, so that the brush can get saturated.

Step 3: Using back and forth swiping motions as well as swirling motions to break up the product that's within the brush. (As you can see here, there was white eyeshadow on this brush and is turning the alcohol white).

Step 4: Using back and forth swiping motions along your tissue or wash cloth to get the excess alcohol off the brush.

Your brush should now be dry within seconds or a couple minutes, depending on the size and density of the brush.

*While this does clean your brushes fast and effectively, I don't recommend to stop washing your brushes all together and only spot clean them. The alcohol does not condition your brushes like washing them would.

*You will need to pour out the alcohol and add more once the liquid starts to get dirty, otherwise you're just washing your brush in dirty liquid!

*Also, doing this does not get rid of any staining on white haired bristles. All the product will be off the brush, but the bristles may remain stained until you wash them again. These brushes were left with a brown-ish tint, even though they are completely clean:

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I also want to share with you how I clean my eyeliner brushes. I LOVE gel eyeliner and I use it every single day. I like my eyeliner to be thinner and more precise due to my small, hooded eyes so I have to spot clean my eyeliner brush everyday because as you keep using the brush, the product will build on it and cause you to make thicker lines. Using this method to clean my eyeliner brush would be too time consuming, so I've come up with a different solution that takes no time at all.

Right before I do my eyeliner, I take a wash cloth that I use for makeup purposes (it WILL get stained), pour a small amount of baby oil on it, swipe my eyeliner brush in the baby oil until all the product is removed, and lastly, wipe the excess oil out on a clean section of the wash cloth.

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MAC Brush Cleaner is a great product to spot clean your brushes with, but that will run you $13 a bottle! Using this method spot cleaning will cost you under 3 dollars for the bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol, if you don't already have some in your home!

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you do this or if you try it out. I'm so glad I discovered it! It's been a life savor when I'm too lazy to wash my brushes :)

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Favorite Mascara Combo + Mascara Tip!

Ever since I started with makeup, I've always layered two mascaras. I CRAVE thick, full, voluminous lashes that stand out. Mascaras can all have different functions, whether it be to lengthen, thicken, add volume, or add separation. Me? I want my lashes to do all those things at once. Unfortunately, with one mascara, that's too much to ask. In my experience, it's hard to find the "perfect" mascara that does all the things you want it to do, so that is why layering mascaras is great trick!

With that being said, I have gone through my fair share of mascara combos.
Sephora Triple Action and Loreal Carbon Black Voluminous.
Covergirl Lash Perfection and Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes.
MAC Dazzlash and Loreal Voluminous.
Just to name a few...

There's no method to my madness, I simply just use what I have and hope for the best. Not too long ago, I went through a mascara kick. I didn't go crazy, but I did purchase a handful of new mascaras to try out. I ended up really liking two of the ones I purchased and those two have become my new favorite mascara combo! I love the results I've been getting from putting these two bad boys together and while I'll probably never stop trying out new mascaras, I know for sure I'll be falling back on these ones from now on!
The mascaras I'm talking about are: Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume and Loreal Telescopic!
*I have reviews for each one, which you can find by clicking their name, above.

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Now you're probably thinking, "Uh, Kailan... That's THREE mascaras.."
Well there's a reason for this. While I have been using the two mascaras I mentioned above in conjunction, I've been adding in a third as well, Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions Mascara. I know, I know, it seems a tad bit excessive, but here's a couple reasons why and how I justify this..
-I hate this particular mascara alone, so I pretty much just want to get rid of it, so I'm trying to use it up. By using it as an extra mascara at the end, i'm using it, but I'm still getting the lashes I want by using the other two.
-It's waterproof and I HATE waterproof mascara!
-It doesn't add much of a difference, just a little more thickness. Which can't hurt, right?
-It only takes two seconds to add a coat at the end.

I feel a little funny saying I have a "mascara routine", but by using three mascaras, it has pretty much fallen into that category. So here's how this goes:
1. I apply two coats of Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume. This separates my lashes like none other and also adds a nice curl and volume. I also apply this to my lower lashes.
2. I add 1-2 coats of Loreal Telescopic Mascara, depending on how it looks. This adds the length.
3. I add barely 1 coat of the Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions Mascara.
 *I also curl my lashes beforehand (my favorite lash curler is the NYC Lash Curler, cheap AND comes with a replacement cushion) and I also comb through my lashes with a lash comb to avoid clumps, also beforehand.

Finished Result!

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Now on to my mascara tip!
I mentioned earlier that the third mascara I use in this "routine" is waterproof and I absolutely DESPISE waterproof mascara. It's a pain in the butt to get off! Here's a trick that I do that I'm not sure if many people know about and I do it every time I use this mascara the way I explained earlier. Here's how!
If you have a mascara you love, but don't use that often because it's waterproof,
layer on a different, non-waterproof mascara first, then apply the waterproof mascara over the top of that. This gives allows you to wear the mascara and experience the benefits of it being waterproof (lasting all day, cry-proof, sweat-proof, etc.), but here's the thing: it's on top of a NON waterproof mascara, so when you go to take it off, your mascara will slide right off since the waterproof formula wasn't applied to your bare lashes, the first mascara was.
The non-waterproof mascara is sort of forming a "barrier" between your lashes and the waterproof mascara, which is why it will come off so easily. This will save you time, frustration, and even money if you're like me and accidentally picked up a waterproof mascara!

I hope this tip helped you and I definitely recommend trying out Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume and Loreal Telescopic!

Do you have a favorite mascara combo? Let me know!

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

China Glaze Luxe and Lush Nail Polish!

In March, China Glaze released a collection inspired by The Hunger Games called the 'Capitol Colors' collection'. It consisted of 12 colors, but Luxe and Lush was the one that really stood out to me. In fact, it was the only one that stood out. The collection didn't really excite me the way I wanted it to and I kind of wish the collection would have been themed after the actual 'Hunger Games' and not just the capitol. The names didn't really seem like they pertained to anything that happened in the book either. I really hoped there would be a shade called 'Girl on Fire', which they could have easily exchanged for 'Riveting', which was a fiery orange that was in the collection. I would have beeen ecstatic if there was a nice gold polish named 'Cinna' too (like his gold eyeliner)! But there was nothing of the sort, so I ended up picking up only Luxe and Lush.

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(Photo Cred: chinaglaze.com)
(I want to mention that this picture gives the polishes A LOT of justice, they all don't look this good in the swatches I've seen or I woulda bought the whole collection!)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March Favorites!

This year is just flyin' on by! Anyone else feel like New Year's was just yesterday? Maybe I'm just getting old ;)
Well, since it's April, it's time to show you all what products I've been loving over the past month.
I skipped doing a February Favorites post last month, since I had basically the same loves of the previous month and didn't really try anything new.
This month, I tried out a lot of new things so I'm excited to share with you guys what I found!
A lot of these products are extremely affordable too!


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