Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's In My Purse! & Makeup Bag

When I first started watching beauty videos on Youtube years ago, some of my favorite videos to watch were 'What's In My Purse' videos. Naturally, now that I have become a blogger, I had to do it!

The contents of my purse aren't that interesting considering now that I'm in college, I've opted for a big school bag so I usually leave my purse at home and just take out whatever I may need from it. But this is usually what is in it, when I'm out anywhere besides school.

Contents (from left to right): My eyeglasses, Love & Beauty Comb, My phone (Palm Pre), Perfume samples (here I have Vera Wang Princess and Victoria's Secret Bombshell), Victora's Secret Dream Angels' Body Mist, Forever21 Makeup Bag (keep reading to see what's inside!), butterfly clips, Mini Excedrin Migrane bottle that I keep ibuprofen in, Pantene Classic Hold Hairspray, Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Lotion, John Frieda Frizz Serum, EOS Lipbalm in Summer Fruit Purple pen, Jessica Simpson wallet.

The purse I have is a Juicy Couture Daydreamer Bag. 

Makeup Bag:
This is usually what I have in my makeup bag. Sometimes it differs, but I usually tend to pack what I know will fade throughout the day. I'll take the powder, blush, and lip combo I used for the day which can vary day to day, but for this, I put what I most commonly use.

(From left to right): ELF powder, Bare Minerals Travel Size Brushes (I use the smaller one for blush and the bigger one for powder), NYX Lipliner in Natural, NYX Eyeliner in Black, MAC Blankety l/s, NYX Sweetheart l/g, MAC Warm Soul Blush.

This is the lip combo I normally wear. It's not nude, it's not pink, it's not mauve- it's somewhere in between and I've been loving this combo for a couple months now.

Swatcharoo's (from left to right):
MAC Warm Soul Blush, NYX Natural Lipliner, MAC Blankety l/s, NYX Sweetheart l/g, and then the combo of the two together.


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