Sunday, September 11, 2011

Favorite Beauty Youtubers & Bloggers

I always find it so interesting to see who everyone likes to watch on youtube or what blogs they love to read. Sometimes you can even discover new people that way. So I thought that I would make a list of people I love to watch (and there is a lot!) . Some are well known, but I hope that you all find someone new to inspire you!<3

She's one of the more famous beauty gurus and it is well deserved. She's flawless, very talented, and easy going. I also extremely envy her makeup room- it's perfect. She has a good mix of natural makeup looks as well as dramatic ones, but they stay very wearable and work/school appropriate, which is always helpful.
Here is another famous beauty guru. She is absolutely gorgeous and I love re-creating her looks. She is so so talented at what she does. She's got a real knack for doing dramatic looks that are very wearable, which I love.
So beautiful. Her makeup looks are amazing- they are among some of my favorites. I love her 'Getting Ready With Me' videos. She's got so much talent and a great personality.
I seriously get so envious of this girl, it's ridiculous. She's so naturally gorgeous. We're also the same age so it's easy to relate to her. Her personality is very fun and it definitely puts you in a good mood watching her videos.
This is a youtuber that I've recently discovered. She is sooo fun to watch. Not only does she have talent that goes on for miles, but she makes each and every video interesting and fun. She also does a lot of OOTD's which are amazing. Her everyday look has become MY everyday look lately :)
This is another youtuber that I've recently discovered. I never thought I'd find another guy beauty guru that I love as much as the famous, Gregory Gorgeous, but he has definitely stepped up to the plate. He is absolutely stunning and adorable and has such an incredibly sweet personality that shines through in his videos.
This girl is an absolute sweetheart. Her makeup looks are amazing and she is so fun to watch. I also love watching her daily vlogs and have fallen in love with her cute little family. She is such a glamourous mommy :)

-Cheryl's Beauty Blog
She usually has such flattering neutral FOTD's, which are the looks I do the most. She is so sweet, sooo stunningly beautiful, and she keeps her blog interesting. She has such a variety of posts, but her FOTD's and hauls are my favorite because she has such great taste!
-Miss Natty's Beauty Diary
I'd kill to look like this girl. She's gorgeous! Her blog never gets boring and she has a great mix of FOTD's, hauls, reviews, NOTD, jewelry posts, and much more. She has such a cute style and personality.
-Clara's Beauty Blog
Best. looks. ever. Her FOTD's are amazing. She is so naturally beautiful and makes even the most dramatic of looks wearable and flattering. I love to re-create her looks, but usually I fail because they're so damn good!
I love her personality and style. This girl is the definition of 'hot blonde' haha. Her looks are always dramatic, which are my favorite to re-create.
I'd kill for this girl's accent. Her hair, too! She's so so gorgeous. The photos on her blog are always so amazing. She also has a youtube channel and she is absolutely hilarious and fun to watch.

Just a side note, those were in no particular order. I am addicted to watching videos and reading blogs and these are the girls who always catch my attention and the ones I look forward to see new posts/videos from! I hope some of you could discover someone new to check out from this list as well.
Have a good day!


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