Thursday, September 22, 2011

REVIEW: Boots7 Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation

Recently I've been wanting to try a new foundation. Before I was switching back and forth between Revlon Colorstay and Revlon Photo Ready. Honestly though, I was getting sick of liquid foundation. For some reason, I just cannot stand the way it feels when I apply it to my skin. It just makes my face feels wet, so I always have to make sure I soak it all up with powder. 
And then, like a calling from God (I swear I heard angels sing..), came CityandMakeup's video on her 'Favorite Products of All Time' and she mentioned this foundation. See video here!
I bought it literally the next day :)


The packaging is very classy looking, something you'd expect only high end foundations to be held in. It's pretty heavy and bulky, which I don't mind at all. It's not made of cheap materials either, the packaging is made of thick glass. The lid screws off and as you can see in the photo below, the area you get the product out of is much smaller than the diameter of the jar. But Boots7 realized this and added in a plastic spatula, so you can just scrap the sides when you've used up all you can in the middle. My little spatula would have been pictured here, but when I bought this originally, there were finger marks in it :(  So I had to exchange it and the new one, must have been stolen from :( #jipped...

The texture is like butter. I was amazed! I applied this with my ELF Powder Brush (the flat top one) by dotting it on my face and then blending it and it literally felt like I was just taking a clean brush and rubbing it on my face. But at the same time, my skin imperfections were disappearing before my eyes. It's so blendable and soft and doesn't clump into little mousse balls like some mousse foundations do. This foundation sets to a powder finish. I'm someone who has to always set my foundation with powder and I didn't even need to with this, which amazes me.
It is very lightweight; I barely feel like I have anything on my face when wearing this.
It also has not broke me out and I have very sensitive skin.

I'd say the coverage is medium to full and definitely buildable. It covers my acne scars better than my Revlon Colorstay. This stays on ALL day, longer than liquid foundation ever lasted on me, and didn't oxidize. I probably touched up once a day while wearing this but more out of habit than the actual need to, which is saying a lot considering I have oily skin. With that being said, for those of you with dry skin, unless you make sure to moisturize well, this foundation would not be good for you. It WILL emphasized dry spots.

This foundation has a good color range. They also have a strong yellow undertone, which is SO hard for me to find in a foundation and is exactly what I need. The shade I got is #20 Blonde. For reference, I am an NC25.

  • Smooth-as-butter texture
  • Easy to blend
  • Med-Full coverage
  • Great for oily skin
  • Sets to a powder finish
  • Lightweight
  • Yellow undertone
  • Great color range


  • Emphasizes dry spots
  • Package design might bother some (if you don't like the whole spatula idea)
  • Kinda pricey for a drugstore foundation

This foundation retails for $13-14 dollars and Boots7 products can be found at Target or
In CityandMakeup's video linked above, she mentioned something about this foundation being discontinued, but my Target had a full stock of these so maybe that only applies to Canada, since that is where she lives.


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