Friday, September 30, 2011

Favorite Lip Products for Autumn

No matter what trend is going on, fall lips tend to lean more on the darker side with purple, red, and mauve toned shades. These are some of my favorites that I love to wear during this season. The ones I chose are also very wearable, not so in-your-face as some fall lip colors can be.

(from left to right) Nars Dolce Vita, MAC Viva Glam V, Nivea Kiss of Flavor in Cherry, Loreal Lip Jelly in Succulent, NARS All Night Long, ELF Red Carpet

Dolce Vita, Viva Glam V, Kiss of Flavor Cherry

Nars Dolce Vita- This is a berry red shade. Goes on very sheer, but is buildable (similar to a lustre finish from MAC) This would be a very wearable way to wear a red lip, without it being so dramatic. It is very moisturizing and silky on the lips.

MAC Viva Glam V- This is my absolute favorite lipstick to wear in the fall. This is a berry mauve shade with golden shimmer that does show up your lips and gives them a nice golden sheen. Lustre finish so it's very moisturizing and can be sheer to build-able opacity. 

Nivea Kiss of Flavor in Cherry- This is actually a chap stick, but is surprisingly pigmented for one which is why I included it in this. For those who want to wear a darker lip, but don't want the intensity of a  lipstick and lipgloss, this is for you. It gives your lips a reddish tint. I love Nivea Kiss Of chapsticks; they're very moisturizing and creamy. I use the Milk and Honey flavor on a daily basis.

Succulent, All Night Long, Red Carpet

Loreal HIP Jelly Balm in Succulent- I LOVE these. I've heard they're similar to MAC Tendertones, which have been discontinued for years. They're a thick, jelly gloss consistency. They aren't sticky at all and feel amazingly conditioning on the lips. This shade is a hint of berry on your lips. It's perfect for people who don't wanna go full out with their lip color. For an everyday lip, I like to use this over a nude lip and it gives a nice hint of subtle color.

NARS All Night Long- This color is like the exact color your lips would be stained after eating a whole bunch of cherries. It's a berry wine color. I also like to use this with a nude lip, to make the dark color more subtle.

ELF Red Carpet- ELF Lip Stains are super pigmented and creamy. They are a matte finish but come with a gloss on the opposite end to make it super glossy. Red Carpet is a blue-based matte red. It's perfect for a night out. I used both the stain and gloss in my True Blood Inspired Makeup. Click here to see that.

What is everyone's favorite lip colors for fall? Let me know below in the comments!


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