Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lumiere Cosmetics Review

Lumiere Cosmetics is a brand that specializes in mineral makeup, hoping to "enhance the finest of our features and assist with those areas we like the best." 
They were very kind to have sent me some product samples for consideration. I received two samples of their mineral foundation, two blush samples, and three eye pigment samples. I plan on doing a look using these products soon.

Eye pigments (from left to right):
"Ditto"- Intense copper with copper gitter.
"Espresso"- Taupy-brown with pink and green glitter.
"Starry Night" Black with pink and green glitter.

These eyeshadows are incredibly smooth and pigmented. They are extremely finely milled, so their not chunky at all, not even the glitter. I LOVE them. Espresso and Starry Night are my favorites because I can use them on a daily basis, which I have been ever since I received them. The copper shade, Ditto, is something I probably never would have thought to try. Though it is SO intense and beautiful, I'm not sure exactly how I would use this... Especially in a way that's wearable. All the pigments have glitter in them, and the glitter does transfer onto the eyes well, but any area you blend out, the glitter will blend away with it. 

Blushes (from left to right):
"Terra Cotta"- Dark coral, almost reddish
"Poppy"- Light, baby pink

I usually prefer peachy, bronze-y blushes. I do love pink blushes such as these, I just feel like they aren't as flattering on my skin tone. The colors very pigmented and long lasting. My blush never lasts on me and I always bring it everywhere with me and reapply 1-2 times a day. I did wear a primer on days where I wore these and it lasted the entire day, even while I was at work all day running around which I was really impressed by. Since they are so pigmented, I do end up looking a bit "clown-ish", so Poppy is my favorite since it's a more light, subtle pink. The only downside to these, is the smell. They come off smelling a little play-doh-y. It's not strong, though and can't be smelled while on your face.

Mineral Foundations (l to r) in Light Medium Beige Cashmere and Medium Neutral Velvet

The sample size I got was extremely small, so instead of using these as foundations and using them once or twice, I just use them to set my under-eye concealer and I love it for that purpose! I use Medium Neutral to brighten my eye area since it's a couple shades lighter than my skin tone and it does a great job of that. They don't settle into the fine lines underneath my eyes, (yes, I have those already unfortunately) cover well, and are long lasting. I usually just use my face powder under my eyes and this just looks so much better, for the brightening affect.They do have the same play-doh-y smell as the blushes, which again, you can't smell once it meets your face. 

Terra Cotta, Poppy

Light Medium Beige, Medium Neutral

Starry Night, Ditto, Espresso

-Long Lasting
-Smooth Texture
-Great color range
-Glitter adheres to eyes well

-Play-doh scent to blushes and foundations
-Fall out with eye pigments

I definitely plan on purchasing more eye pigments myself, because I love them that much. If you would like to check out Lumiere Cosmetics, you can find them at lumierecosmetics.com 

Disclaimer: These samples were sent to me for consideration. I am not being compensated in any way for this and all opinions are my own sincere thoughts. Pinky promise :)


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