Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Ramblings: Weight Loss Journey Begins, Diet Issues, & Currently Reading

Hey everybody! I hope you're all having a great start to your 2013! Today I'm going to be starting what I hope will be a new "series", if you will, that I want to do once a week. If you read my Holiday blog post, you know that I have plans to expand my blog past simply makeup and beauty. It still will revolve mostly around those things, but I will also touch on my life, as well as other things that I enjoy! I want this blog to be more personal and interactive, so I hope that you all will enjoy these changes as they come!

Like I mentioned, I'm going to be posting what is essentially like a journal, diary, whatever you chose to call it. I think of it more as a "life log"; sharing things in my life with you guys, allowing you to respond, and we can communicate with each other! I want to try and put these up once a week, on the same day. I'm going to chose Sunday, since it's usually the most calm day of the week! I tried to think of a nice title to these posts, but only came up with "Sunday Ramblings", which I think is fitting. If you guys can come up with a better name, let me know! So basically, in these posts, I'm going to be sharing things that have been weighing on my mind, have happened, are going to happen: you get the idea. I'm also going to update you on my aspects of my weight loss journey. However, I might make that into separate blog posts, if you guys would be interested in hearing more.

In these posts, I'm also going to be sharing photos from my week. When it dawned on me a couple weeks ago that 2012 was about to be over, I tried looking back at photos to see how myself as well as other people in my life have changed over this past year. I used to be a crazy photographer lady and have thousands of pictures because I would capture the moment any chance I could, but for 2012 I had close to none. I was really disappointed, so that's why one of my New Year's resolutions is to take more photos. Since I'm doing that, what better way to give you all a glimpse in my life than with photos! They won't always be interesting and memory-worth and they might not always be taken with my DSLR, but I'll make a point to capture the things that are appealing to me through the week, with my camera or phone, whether it be something I ate, did, made, read, cooked, etc. You get the idea. The idea of doing these posts is kind of like the blog version of a "follow me around" vlog, if you think about it. Kinda. Not really. But a little.. & don't be afraid to respond and share some things happening in your life! I respond to every comment :)

If you like these kind of posts, let me know! If you don't, let me know also!
So without further adieu, here's the first installment of "Sunday Ramblings"!


So yesterday (Saturday, January 5th) was my first official day starting my exercise/diet routine. I'm really clueless when it comes to the whole health and fitness thing, but I'm trying to just take baby steps and ease my way into it. Any other time I've tried to start getting in shape, I've jumped full force into it and tried to go from nothing to p90x. That kind of commitment, I think, requires some experience and practice before beginning. Plus, it would never last. I'd be so sore and tired that I'd give up within a week. So like I said, baby steps. For right now, I'm relying on my exercise bike more than anything. I've had one in my room for months and had been using it as a place to hang my purse/coat, lol. It's crazy how many calories you burn and it's not even that hard. As you can see from the picture, for about an hour of going at a moderate speed, I burned over 600 calories! Maybe that's not really a lot, because really what do I know, but seems like a lot to me! I also am doing some arm weights and I'll probably do the Ab Ripper dvd from p90x a couple times a week. I'll probably end up doing p90x (I've owned it forever) soon, but I want to build up some endurance before I start that.

Oh, and can I just say that last night my legs were SO sore. Like I've been sore before, but holy shit, I think I might have overworked them 'cause they were burning like a mo'.


I think the hardest part of this journey is going to be the eating healthy part. Not only because it sucks, but I'm pretty sure I'm the world's pickiest eater. Literally, the only vegetable I'll eat are carrots. That's it. Oh, and lettuce. I like fruit, though. But I don't even know like how to eat healthier. Before, I obviously would incorporate in healthy things, but that's not what I'm going for. I want to eat completely healthy. One of the main changes I have to make to my diet, is cutting out pop. I'm obsessed with pop. Ughhhh it's so good. I'm like kind of person that loves pop so much, I'm like "ew, water" haha! That's so bad! So that's going to be a damn struggle, I already know. I also have to cut down on my bread intake, actually cut it out completely... I'm a bread connoisseur, if you didn't know. I make a mean batch of homemade crescent rolls that my whole family is obsessed with. They've been deemed, "Kailan's famous bread". Bread is seriously probably like my favorite food, not even kidding. Maybe that's the italian in me, who knows. So thaaaat's gonna be another struggle. A big one.

Anyways, enough talking about that before I run to my bread maker.. If any of you has any tips on eating healthier, ways to curb your appetite, etc. let me know, girl!! Also, if you have any good healthy recipes, especially ones for picky eaters, definitely share that! If I come up with some good healthy recipies, I'll let you guys know as well. Recipies are another thing I want to start posting on here. I'm obsessed with baking and with being on a "diet" now, I'm definitely going to have to come up with some healthy treats!

Oh, and if any of you are also trying to lose weight, get healthy, etc. definitely go check out Pinterest! It's full of great stuff. The Health and Fitness sections is filled with quick little workouts to do, cool information, and food ideas. I have an addiction to Pinterest; it's a problem.. But that's been one of my favorite boards, so go check it out if you're interested! My Pinterest link is in the sidebar, with all my other social networking links- follow me, if you'd like!




Do you guys get snow where you live? I live in Illinois and we always have a ton of snow in the Winter, but for some reason, it's barely snow more than like a centimeter all week! I hate it. Christmas didn't even feel the same because there's no snow! If you follow me on Twitter, you know I've been hatin' on the snowless weather lately. I love snow. It looks so beautiful and I'm dying to go sledding! Well, I got so excited because my weather app said it was going to snow all day yesterday. It didn't, not even close, but it did the most it has all Winter... woohoo!

The view outside my bedroom window!

So another thing you guys might not know about me, is that I'm a serious bookworm. I LOVE to read. I think it'd be nice to share what I'm reading with you guys as well. I know sometimes I get in a rut and I don't know what to read and it's hard to chose books because there's SO many out there, you don't even know where to start looking. I always wished taht some of my favorite bloggers and vloggers would talk about books they are reading and such, that way I'd have ideas. So that's why I'm going to share my "current reads" and such with you! I also have a book haul post coming up sometime this week on some new books that I've bought recently, so stay tuned for that! So whenever I'm reading a book, I'll probably let you guys know what it is and give you a brief little description so you can know if it's something you'd be interested in. Don't worry, there will be NO spoilers!!


I'm currently finishing up this book, which is "Room" by Emma Donoghue. It was kind of a slow read, but a very cute one nonetheless. It's about a women who was kidnapped by a man who keeps her locked in a small room that's she's been in for about 7 years. The man only comes in the room in the middle of the night and I'm sure you can guess what he does, because the whole book is told in the perspective of her 5 year old son, Jack whom she conceived with her captor. The crazy part is that Jack has never been outside of the Room and doesn't think there's a world outside of it or that there's anyone alive besides him, his mom, and the captor. It's basically just the story about their lives and their plans to escape. It's a great book to read, especially if your a mom, have younger children in your life, or just love kids because it's really interesting to see how Jack perceives his life and all the bad things that have happened. Not to mention, his love for his mom is completely adorable.

So that's all for today's Sunday Ramblings. Today's just going to be a lazy, lounge in your boyfriend's sweatpants all day, kinda day!
I hope you all enjoyed this in some way or another. Definitely give me some feedback on these kind of posts, if you think I should continue them, etc. I know it's a lot to read, but it's mostly because I wanted to explain what these posts were going to be about so none of you would be confused! In the future, I'll try to be more concise. 
Also, don't hesitate to respond or talk about things in your life. I would like this to be an interactive  thing. I respond to all comments :)


Have a happy Sunday!

P.S. Thank you to everyone who commented on my Holiday post saying such kind things. You all touched my heart. I had no idea that I had such supportive followers! You guys are amazing and put a huge smile on my face! <3


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