Sunday, February 3, 2013

MAC Prep and Prime Lash Review

So I recently reviewed my new favorite mascara, the Covergirl Clump Crusher. I've been in absolutely in love with it. Paired with it, I've also been obsessed with another mascara. This one isn't any old mascara, it's actually a lash primer! I first heard about this from one of my favorite girls to watch on YouTube, Abbie Durham (Click HERE to go to her YouTube channel. She's amazing, definitely go and check her out!). She doesn't post videos often, but she's absolutely gorgeous and very talented. One of the main reasons I love watching her, is because she always mentions really great products and usually they're things that I've never heard of! You guys know I love my DermaBlend Smooth Indulgence Concealer - heard
about that one from her as well! Well in all of her videos, she uses a lash primer, the MAC Prep and Prime Lash Mascara. Besides from her, I've never heard anyone talk about this product! Nonetheless, I decided to pick it up since she raves about it and now after using it, I can definitely see why! It does amazing things for my lashes and I'm absolutely in love!

According to the MAC Cosmetics website,
"Pump up your mascara with an undercoat. Goes on white, 
but dries to a semi-clear base. Smoothes and conditions. Intensifies the build
and lengthening quality of all formulas. Helps mascara last longer."

The packaging is pretty basic in its sleek black tube. It has the same packaging as their Dazzlelash mascara, which is a glossy finish with multi-colored glitter.

From experience, I'm pretty sure the applicator for the Prep + Prime Lash is the same as their Zoom Lash mascara, although I could be wrong. It has more natural hair bristles rather than rubber or plastic. It's a good sized brush, not too big or too small. The brush itself doesn't do a good job at separated the product evenly throughout the lashes, so I have to comb through a few times until I feel they are evenly coated.

I definitely see a difference with using this and it has become a staple in my mascara routine since I purchased it! It makes my lashes thicker and longer! When I was experimenting with this, trying it with my favorite mascara (Covergirl Clump Crusher- see my review here) both with using this and without, there was a significant different in the thickness of my lashes above anything else.

I love that it dries clear, which is something is great because you won't have to worry about trying to work with layers and layers of your mascara to cover up white in your lashes. It also dries pretty quickly.

When I use this, I will wait a couple of seconds before going in with mascara because I find that it will work better when it has time to dry and become more tacky rather than being wet. This insures that it's actually going to be stuck to your lashes. If you went straight in with mascara, it would slide off with your mascara wand. The longer you wait for it to try, the more it will thicken up your lashes, but the harder it will also be to apply mascara on top- as with any mascara primer. Although I do feel this lash primer is extremely more easy to work with than other mascara primers that I've tried.

I definitely think this is a great staple item to have for a thick, long lash everyday without having to apply false lashes. I find that sometimes my lashes look so good, they'd get mistaken for falsies!
I'd definitely recommend this if you like dramatic lashes and especially for my girls (and guys) with short lashes, because it will definitely give them a boost!

I also feel like my lashes have grown in the short amount of time I have been using this. It does claim to condition your lashes, so that could be why, but I have definitely been noticing a difference in my natural lashes. I'm curious to see how their actually Prep and Prime Lash Serum would work, since this has been effecting my lashes and it's not even a lash-growth product!

before and after, with 1 coat primer and only 1 coat of mascara

This mascara retails for $16 at MAC Cosmetics.

I am in love with the MAC Prep and Prime Lash Mascara. It gives a great base for the long, dramatic lashes that I crave! This topped with a good mascara is lash heaven and I definitely think it's HG material for me! I know I will be repurchasing this continuously because I love the results. If you like dramatic lashes or have short lashes, I would especially recommend this!
It's also a nice treat for your lashes, because it conditions them with every use! You condition your hair, so why not your eyelashes too!
All in all, MAC Prep and Prime Lash is a great product! I'm excited to try more of their Prep and Prime products in the future.


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