Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meet Lily

I mentioned in my last post that my boyfriend, Rob got me a new puppy for my birthday. If you're familiar with the fact that my beloved chihuahua that I had for nine years had passed away in January, then you probably already know how much of a hard time I was going through after losing her and dealing with her being absent from my life. With all of that being said, getting a new puppy was a pretty big step for me and it definitely wasn't a decision that I made overnight.
Even though it had been months since my dog, Gizmo, had passed away, I was having an extremely difficult time grasping the fact that she was gone forever. I found myself too many nights in a row up until late hours waiting for everyone to go to sleep and quietly crying in the bathroom. I still don't accept it and I doubt I ever will, but I knew that even though I would never in a million years want to replace who she was to me and her space in my heart, that I was yearning for the responsibilities and rewards that come with having a dog, or any pet for that matter. I also knew that getting a new dog would help the healing process in some weird way that's hard to explain.
Rob and I talked about it and occasionally I would look online for chihuahuas for sale in chicago. One time we even stopped at the nursery where we had bought Gizmo nearly 10 years prior and fell in love with a male chihuahua that they had for a whopping $1100! I was heartbroken that I couldn't take the puppy home with me, but there was no way I could afford to spend that much on a puppy and more importantly, justify putting that much money into keeping puppy mills up and running.
At the beginning of May, I came across an ad online that had three chihuahua puppies for sale and we contacted the owner for pictures and information. I fell in love with her through the photos and couldn't stop thinking about her. A couple days before my birthday (last Wednesday), Rob said to me, "Go get ready, we're going to pick up the puppy!" I was shocked and so excited. Even more so when I first saw her, because I instantly fell in love. She was perfect and everything I wanted in a puppy!

Now it's been over a week since I've had her and it's honestly felt like I've known her forever. She fit in so well with us and our family. She's love-able, playful, and well behaved at least 3/4 of the time haha. I'm so happy that I didn't wait to get a puppy because I feel so much better inside. I haven't been sad and dwelling since we've got here and through all the death and horrible times that have come into my life this year, she has brought so much light into my life and given me a new reason to wake up every morning!

I decided to name her Lily. I was dead set on naming my next dog "Luna", until I saw her. She was way too feminine and soft looking for that name, so I went with something better suited for her and I think she was born to be a Lily! She's a little over three months old and was born on Valentine's Day!

And just for laughs, I wanted to share the photos that I got of my sister's cat, Marty, reacting to Lily. My other dog, Gizmo hated other animals and would attack Marty if she ever got too close and sure enough, now Marty has adopted this attitude toward other animals as well! Only instead of growling and barking, Marty moans and hisses! (Don't worry, we never let her get too close and they are never allowed together alone!)
Warning: These are pretty scary, especially the last one.. Just warning you now!

Now for the crazy one...
& the craziest part is, that right after I took this,
she jumped up and literally BARKED (like a dog) before running away.

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